The hospital "Centro Médico La Paz" was completely rebuilt in 2007 - and now features a state-of-the-art structural infrastructure, along with the latest technical equipment in compliance with the European standard.

In addition to 127 beds, this hospital houses (among others) the following facilities:
  • an ER,
  • three fully-equipped operating rooms,
  • an ICU,
  • centres for radiology and endoscopy,
  • a rehabilitation centre,
  • a blood bank,
  • a pharmacy
  • and a dental centre.

Bata - a coastal city in Africa
Bata is the capital city of the mainland region Mbini in the territory of Equatorial Guinea and of the province Litoral.

As of 2008, Bata had approximately 207,765 residents - and is the country's largest city.

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