Centro Medico la Paz

The "Centro Medico La Paz" opened in 2007 - and is the major referral hospital in Equatorial Guinea. Thanks to Israeli aid, experienced doctors from all corners of the world could be hired to ensure a high standard of care along with qualified training for native nursing personnel. Along with the technical equipment and the building's logistics, they have lent to this centre an international reputation.

In 2010, the Equatorial Guinean government placed this hospital under German administration and management. The contract concluded with the Marseille-Kliniken AG designates measures for the establishment of an organised health-care system throughout the country. A new hospital in the capital city of Malabo is currently under construction. In the country's provinces, poly-clinical facilities are planned.

Currently 35 specialist physicians are working at La Paz:

1 general practitioner
3 general surgeons
4 anaesthetists
5 gynaecologist
2 internists
1 internist/cardiology
1 internist/nephrology
1 internist/anaesthetist
1 cardiologist
1 medical scientist in the lab (a biochemist)
1 neonatologist
1 nephrologist
1 neurosurgeon
1 neurologist
1 odontologist
1 ophthalmologist
1 orthopaedist
2 paediatricians
1 pathologist
1 plastic surgeon
1 ultrasound specialist
1 trauma surgeon and
2 urologists

In addition, seven physicians are enrolled in continuing-education programs:

1 in the specialty of surgery
1 in the specialty of gynaecology
1 in the specialty of internal medicine
2 in the specialty of paediatrics
2 in the specialty of pathology

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Bata - a coastal city in Africa
Bata is the capital city of the mainland region Mbini in the territory of Equatorial Guinea and of the province Litoral.

As of 2008, Bata had approximately 207,765 residents - and is the country's largest city.

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