Equatorial Guinea has approx. 550,000 residents - of whom approx. 70% live on the mainland and 30% on Bioko. The rate of population growth amounts to approx. 2.6%. The population of Equatorial Guinea is comprised of Bantu tribes, primarily Fang (approx. 80%) and Bubi (approx. 10%). The latter live primarily on the Isle of Bioko.

In all, 80% of the population are Roman Catholics, 24% practise traditional African religions, 5% are Protestants and approx. 1% Muslims.

Bata - a coastal city in Africa
Bata is the capital city of the mainland region Mbini in the territory of Equatorial Guinea and of the province Litoral.

As of 2008, Bata had approximately 207,765 residents - and is the country's largest city.

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