The cuisine typical to Equatorial Guinea is similar to that of other Western and Central African countries. Typical dishes include cassava (tapioca) with fish or game meat (e.g. armadillo) and fish soup with chilis. Restaurants offer Spanish and international dishes. Native beverages are malamba (beer brewed from sugar cane) and palm wine. The cuisine of Equatorial Guinea is marked by the prominent influences of Portuguese, Spanish and even Arab cuisine. Ingredients such as peanuts, yam root, okra pods, rice and (due to its coastal location) fish and the generally prevalent seafood are staples in Equatorial Guinean dishes and indicate the connection to African cuisine. Just as essential are seasonings such as chili powder or bitter spinach, along with fresh fruit such as bananas, mango or pineapple. However, the most important stable food (as in other African countries) is cassava/tapioca, due to its high starch content which makes it a significant energy source.

Bata - a coastal city in Africa
Bata is the capital city of the mainland region Mbini in the territory of Equatorial Guinea and of the province Litoral.

As of 2008, Bata had approximately 207,765 residents - and is the country's largest city.

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