Passport & Visa

Equatorial Guinea - the only Spanish-speaking country in Africa - has hardly been developed in the context of tourism. As a rule, one can travel to any region of the country. However, certain destinations (e.g. the Pico Basile on the Isle of Bioko) require a special permit.

The authorities are rather exacting is their verification of non-natives' entry documents (visa, valid country-specific security clearance) and pursue actual as well as alleged irregularities with stringent measures.

Visitors from Germany, Austria and Switzerland require a visa to gain entry to Equatorial Guinea - along with a passport which remains valid at least three months beyond the length of the given stay and a return or onward-passage ticket. In addition, one must have verifiably sufficient financial resources at one´s disposal during the stay.

Bata - a coastal city in Africa
Bata is the capital city of the mainland region Mbini in the territory of Equatorial Guinea and of the province Litoral.

As of 2008, Bata had approximately 207,765 residents - and is the country's largest city.

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